Computer Science and Mathematics

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Vassar College

B.A. Computer Science and Mathematics


Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM)

High School Diploma



Python, C/C++, Haskell, Full Stack Web



GNU/Linux, GIMP, Inkscape



Bitcoin, Ethereum



3D Printing, Arduino


Computational Biology @ The Jackson Laboratory

Establishing the Causual Relationship Between Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Autophagy

Google igniteCS Student Leader

Corin led a team of about 20 Vassar students in teaching local high school students how to code in association with Google. With this team, he developed the course content for a ten session, once per week overview of Python. The first five classes teach the basics of programming, while the next five each focus on a specific topic like Data Science or Blockchains. After learning the basics, students utilize and refine their skills by investigating one of these five topics further on their own. See Teaching Kids to Code for details of the Spring 2017 program!

2017 - 2018

Penetration Testing

Corin interned for cybersecurity firm aizoOn Technology Consulting, tracking the development of a smart micro-brewery and developing a detailed risk assessment of the potential attack vectors that the brewery exposed.
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Summer 2016

Teaching Assisstant

Building on the course content he developed for Google igniteCS, with the help of one other student and a Vassar computer science professor, Corin developed and helped teach a 6-week introductory course to computer science in Python, based on the Harvey Mudd CS for All course. This Harvey Mudd class became a 6-week, 6-hour a day course that covers computer science in as much detail as possible for 16 students with limited to no background in CS. This was a trial run of the course which may soon become a full for-credit course in the introductory sequence of the Vassar CS department. You can see the course content at

Summer 2018

Theatrical Journeyman and Assistant Technical Director

Corin built sets for the nationally recognized Vassar Drama Department. His final year at Vassar, Corin served as the Scene Shop Intern, which placed him in a supervisory leadership role over the other students in the scene shop. In this role, he worked asthe Assistant Technical Director to manage the scene shop workers and lead projects ranging from small detail work to large scale structural projects.

2016 - 2020

Technology Director

Corin managed the hardware, software, and website for the WVKR independent radio station.

2017 - 2020

Blockchain Consulting

Occasionally sub-contracting for Fitzner Blockchain Consulting, generally reviewing token sale whitepapers to evaluate the project's technical feasability and suggest changes to the logic or to the technologies utilized. The first question: do you really need a blockchain?

2018 - Present

Student Research Fellow

Through Vassar's URSI program, Corin worked with a professor at Vassar College in collaboration with the Small Data Lab at Cornell Tech developing a web app to act as the front end for Ancile, a privacy aware data management platform. This project acts as a layer between data producers like Facebook & Google and data consumers like the company you work for or your school, and gives users complete control over who is allowed to use their data for what. Corin's job was to make it user friendly!

Summer 2019

Co-Founder and CTO, eBumps

Getting everyday drivers paid to display digital ads.

2020 - Present